Important Golf Etiquette Tips

Important Golf Etiquette Tips

BALL MARKSBefore you start lining up your putt, remember that your perfect shot also left a ball mark. If this mark is not repaired, or is repaired incorrectly, it can scar the green for weeks. Please carry a repair tool and always take pleasure in repairing the ball marks you make.

REPAIRING DIVOTS - A simple way of caring for the course, that can have immediate and long-term benefits for playability, is to sand your divots. Not only can an un-repaired divot leave a bumpy surface they also provide and opportunity for weeds to invade.

BUNKERS - Sand bunkers were never meant to be a day at the beach, but there is no reason to make them any more difficult. Please rake your footprints and any other disturbances we create in the sand is basic sand etiquette.

GOLF CARTS - It is important to know that golf carts can make golf more accessible and can damage the course if not properly used. Please avoid abrupt starts, stops and turns that can damage grass. Steer clear of waterlogged or puddled surfaces or extremely dry grass that is showing signs of tire traffic. Be sure to adhere and respect any specific cart policies and traffic control signs.

Simple etiquette tips: 

1. Silence cell phones.

2. Play ready golf. Do not wait to determine who is away or has the honors.

3. Keep moving. Refrain from personal conversations at the tee box or putting green.

4 Assist players who have special needs, when appropriate.

5. Be still and remain silent during a fellow player’s pre-shot routine and subsequent shot.

6. Do not stand behind a player who is preparing to make a stroke, or anywhere on their line.

7. Allow shorter hitters to hit first when waiting on the foursome ahead of you.

8. Take 2 or 3 clubs and an extra ball with you to your ball in the fairway when playing “cart path only.” If you are in a threesome, please help the member in the second cart.

 9. Mark your ball on the green if there’s a chance another player’s ball may hit yours. It’s a two-stroke penalty to the player who putted.