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est. 1982

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Corona Virus Update

From the WGA 9-Hole League Board !

On Monday, June 22, 2020, Matt Lewarn of HSV Golf, informed us that the POA has decided to resume league play on a limited basis. Starting on Friday, July 10, 2020, and every other Friday after that, we will be resuming morning league play per our schedule. Since we are not in full league schedule yet, we will continue our afternoon Fun Friendship Fridays on alternate Fridays. Please continue play signups using the “Fun Friday Friendship Day” page in our website. Please check back on this website for any play day updates. Future info will also be announced on “Mary Ann’s Corner”, so please check it out regularly. The resumption of league play is not an indication that stricter rules have been relaxed. We are still encouraged to be vigilant and exercise social distancing during the course of play. Let’s all stay healthy and out of harm's way. We are keeping all our members and their loved ones in our prayers, and hope to see the end of this crisis soon. Let us also keep our sponsors in mind. As their businesses have started to reopen, let us all help them recover from the dire effects of this crisis. Members are encouraged to review and familiarize themselves with the changes to HSV golf in response to the Corona Virus pandemic, click below:

Welcome !

Welcome !

Welcome to our website! We invite you to join us in 2021 for a new experience in golf and friendship.

From the 2021 WGA 9-Hole League Officers:
  • Diane Gower (Vice President)
  • Mary Cupstid (President)
  • Charlotte Clark (Treasurer)  
  •  Dawn Barnett (Secretary)                                                                                                                                                                                 

Who We Are

The WGA 9-Hole League originated in 1983.

The purpose of this organization shall be to provide friendship, enjoyment and an opportunity to improve the members' golfing abilities.

Our league season is April thru November with Friday as the regular Play Day.

The many activities include
  • Friday Play Days (fun games)
  • Handicap Tournament
  • Invitational Tournaments
  • Match Play Tournament
  • Golf to benefit Cancer Research
  • Club Championship
  • Spring Kick-Off Luncheon
  • Fall Awards Luncheon
For additional information contact:
MARY CUPSTID 903-235-4950

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Who We Are

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  • Hot Springs Village, Arkansas, United States