Mary Cupstid

Mary Cupstid

My husband George and I moved here full time from Longview, Texas in 2015.

I had enjoyed playing golf on Saturday in and around East Texas, but it wasn’t until we moved to the Village that I truly found my passion for the game. It was here that I joined my first ladies golf group and the venture to build our retirement home on the Isabella golf course became a reality.

Having eight courses to choose from in such close proximity was just a dream come true. The friendships we have established both on and off the courses over the past five years has certainly been a huge blessing to the both of us.

I have been a member of the HSV WGA9-Hole League for three years, serving as Vice President in 2020 and President for 2021. I also belong to three other sanctioned leagues: the HSV WGA-18 Hole League (3 yrs), the HSV WGA-18 Social League (currently serving as Treasurer)(6 yrs), and the HSV Couples Golf Group (7 yrs).

God has blessed us with two daughters, Lauren (Matt) and Alicia (Chris) who we are very proud of. We are also blessed with 3 wonderful grandchildren, Alton (14), Aiden (12), and Addyson (10). Both Aiden and Addyson are members of the HSV Junior Golfers Association and enjoy the competition of playing golf with their peers.