Dawn Barnett

My husband, Dan, and I came from Plano, TX. In 2008 we found Hot Springs Village which I call a "little piece of heaven".

We kind of stumbled on this place and bought a home after only being here for 3 days. We had never been to Arkansas before, so we were pleasantly surprised. Dan & I both love golfing and it was like country living, so peaceful and beautiful.

I have been active in the 9-hole league for 8 years now, playing every week and at least 4 days a week with other gals. My passion for golf  extends beyond playing: I also was a marshal at Cortez Golf Course for 3 years.

Aside from golf, my other activities include being an active volunteer and on the board of the Genealogy Club and DAR here in the Village and the Twinless Twin Support Group Int'l. serving both organizations for over 20 years now.

Dan and I have four grown sons and 6 grandchildren, and two English Crème, Golden Retrievers.