Charlotte Clark

My husband and I are both from Park Forest, Illinois, a small village outside of Chicago.

After retiring from our jobs in Chicago, we decided to check out Hot Springs Village. We heard about so many great amenities in the village. We moved down here in April 2003.

I love playing golf and playing nine holes is just enough for me. In 2008, I was looking for a fun group of gals I can play with but I am rather shy when I have to contend with a large group of ladies. I joined the WGA 9-Hole League that same year and found not only fun but also made a lot of friends. I also enjoy the fact that we are playing a different course every week.

Besides serving as Treasurer, I am also the league’s Junior Golf Representative, which I have served for several years now. Being on the League as player and Treasurer is a challenge, but I enjoy this and it keeps me very busy. The Junior Golf League is an additional challenge during the months of June and July, when I volunteer to escort the players and keep track of their scores during their Thursday play days.