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To apply for WGA9 membership, click :  I want to be a WGA9 Member!

GHIN is the league's method used to develop handicaps for our members, and GHIN membership must be renewed annually. The fillable GHIN registration form can be downloaded by clicking here:  

After you complete the GHIN application, you may take it to any pro shop or the POA, with your check for $33, for processing. After your GHIN number is assigned, your WGA9 Membership Application may be completed and submitted by clicking the membership application link above.  

New starting in 2020: when purchasing a GHIN membership, a unique email address is required for each applicant. Email address sharing will no longer be accepted. Example: husbands, wives, partners, children, and junior applicants are required to have a separate unique email address for each.

All members are required to have an established handicap in accordance with the USGA and the World Handicapping System. A minimum of 54 holes must be played (Six/ Nine holes or three/Eighteen-holes) from any regulation golf course.