Ready Golf


1. Play ready golf. Do not wait to determine who is away or has the honors. 

2. Keep moving. Refrain from personal conversations at the tee box or putting green. 

3. Pick up the ball when you are 11-inches from the hole. It’s a gimmie. Add one stroke to your score except in Low Putts or Club Tournament play.

4. Proceed immediately to the next tee after last player has putted. Score and replace clubs at the next tee box.

5. Take 2 or 3 clubs and an extra ball with you to your ball in the fairway when playing cart path only play days. If you are in a threesome, please help the member in the second cart.

6. Allow shorter hitters to hit first when waiting on the foursome ahead of you.

Please avoid a warning for slow play by practicing the rules of ready golf as a courtesy to your fellow members. The Marshall may issue a warning to speed- up play if there is One-and-a-Half holes open in front of your foursome. Example of One-and-a-Half holes defined as follows: You reach hole #4 --it is open – and the foursome on #5 have hit their second shot. Your foursome will be given the opportunity to catch up by the next hole of play. However, failure to increase speed of play will result in your foursome being asked to pick up your balls and proceed to the next tee. Each player will take the maximum strokes for that hole.