Membership & Play Day Information

Membership & Play Day Information

Membership and Play-day Information

Membership in the WGA 9-Hole League requires:  

That you are a Hot Springs Village property owner or non-property owner who has purchased a recreational privilege. An established ASGA GHIN number. All new members are requested to record at least ten 9-Hole scores or five 18-hole scores (or any combination thereof) from any regulation course as soon as possible after joining the WGA-9 Hole League. A player without a Handicap Index must use the maximum Handicap Index of 40.  If a member does not have a handicap, their scores will be monitored by the Play-Day Scoring Chair, using USGA GHIN Handicapping System, until handicap has been established. Note: Members must have an established handicap or trend to be eligible for prizes when playing in single play days.

1) Dues: Dues may vary from year to year. No refunds will be issued after league play has started.

2) Play Days: League play days are Friday. Green fees must be paid by each member at the pro shop on the play day, prior to golfing.

3) Prizes: Prizes will be awarded at the Fall Awards luncheon. If the course closes (generally for inclement weather) before all players finish the round, the prize money for that play days’ event will be returned to the prize fund.

4) Sign Up: Sign up for play days may be made three weeks in advance, but not later than 10:00 p.m. the Friday prior to the play day. Your tee time and grouping will be available on the Wednesday prior to the play day via an email and the league web site.

5)  Handicap: Members must establish and maintain a GHIN score history. Your handicap will be based on your current index. Handicaps will vary from course to course. 

6) No Show: When a member does not show up at the pre-scheduled tee time or call to cancel, it is a no show. To cancel an assigned tee time, contact the Pairing Chairman by Thursday noon. DO NOT EMAIL to cancel. Call the pro shop to cancel only on the day of play. 

7) Rules Chair will make a decision on days when course conditions are wet, and notify Starters Thursday evening or Friday morning before the first tee time, regarding lift/clean/place; bunker rules (rake and place or play out of bunker, no closer to hole).

Captain: The Starter will explain the game rules, and if you don't understand, ask for clarification.  A Captain will be designated for each team, and will keep score.  A separate "audit card" must be kept by another team member to assist in attesting the score.  

Captain's additional responsibilities are as follows: 

Captains will be responsible to: 

• Provide/share the special instructions governing the play-day’s event with her assigned team.

• Guard against slow play. The captain has the authority and responsibility to keep her group moving at an acceptable pace. Please refer to the “Six Rules of Ready Golf” and the explanation of slow play.

• Circle birdies and chip-ins on the scorecard in red. The scoring committee will be able to note birdies/chip-ins by this marking. A red pen will be provided in the envelope on the check-in table.

• Contact the rules chairman at the end of play if there is a question concerning a rule during play. The actual strokes will be recorded, but must be circled on the score card to identify the hole in question. A ruling must be made before the card is attested, signed, and submitted.

• Review and total the scorecard after play is completed, have a member of the team attest and sign the card, then place into the envelope on the check-in table.

• Note: The scorecard will be disqualified if it is submitted without attesting and/or signature of a team member.

• Remind new members not to post their play-day scores.