League Play Rules


Play will be governed by USGA established rules and/or local rules applying to any golf course. All members are urged to use the current USGA rule book. League Rules are noted and apply on most play days, with some exceptions. 

1) Out of Bounds or Lost Ball:  All of the ball has come to rest outside of the white stakes.  If you think the ball went out of bounds, or you will not be able to find the ball, PLEASE HIT A PROVISIONAL BALL.  2019 Local Rule:  If you did not hit a provisional ball from tee box, play your ball from within two club-lengths from the edge of the fairway where your ball went out of bounds. Assess 2 penalty strokes, you are hitting 4. This rule may not be used in competition.  

Provisional Ball: A provisional ball should be hit if the player is uncertain their initial shot, whether it is a drive or from the fairway, is out of bounds (white stakes) or is lost.

• Example: from the tee, you are lying 2, hitting 3

• If the original ball hit is found and did not go out of bounds or is not lost, pick up the provisional ball and play the first ball. No stroke will be added.If the ball is out of bounds and you had hit a provisional ball, use the provisional ball.   You are lying 3, hitting 4.

• If you hit a ball out of bounds from the fairway, and did not hit a provisional ball, drop your ball within two club lengths at the edge of the fairway from where your ball went out of bounds.  Add a two stroke penalty to your score.

2)  Ball in Penalty Area (yellow stakes):

a) You may hit the ball from the penalty area.

b) The ball may be dropped as far back of the penalty area as you wish keeping the point you entered the penalty area in line with the flag.

c) You may re-hit from the location of the original shot. If a drop area has been designated (example #8 at Cortez or #4 at Ponce); you may either re-tee the ball (you are hitting 3); OR drop your ball in the drop area (you are hitting 3).  Do not tee up the ball from the drop area. 

LEAGUE PLAY ONLY, NOT IN TOURNAMENTS - If the second ball goes into the water you are hitting 5. You may walk over toward the green, drop within 15 feet of the green before hitting your next shot.  YOU WILL ADD AN ADDITIONAL PENALTY STROKE.  You are hitting 6. 

3) Ball in Penalty Area (red stakes): 

• The same 3 options as a yellow stakes penalty area,  AND d) Take a drop within 2 club-lengths of the entry point where the ball last crossed the edge of the penalty area.

4) Bunkers  

a)  You cannot improve your lie or touch the bunker with your club before or while addressing the ball.  2019 Rules allow you to remove rocks and other debris that could interfere with your swing or stance. 

 b) You may declare an unplayable lie in a bunker for any reason.  There are two options: 1) Drop two club lengths within the bunker or behind the ball on a straight line, no closer to the hole or 2) hit your ball from the place where you hit your original shot.  Add one penalty stroke for either option.                                          

c) 2019 Rules allow an additional option. The player may remove the ball from the bunker and take relief outside of the bunker back on the line from the hole to where the ball came to rest; but at a cost of two penalty strokes.

LEAGUE PLAY ONLY, NOT IN TOURNAMENTS – In    inclement weather, or if the bunkers have standing water, drop the ball behind the trap (add 1 stroke) before hitting the next shot.

ADDITIONAL 2019 RULES (abbreviated):                  

 1) If a ball is accidentally struck more than once, it counts as one stroke only and no penalty is incurred.

2) The flagstick may be left in, unattended while putting. If someone is attending the pin, it must be pulled.

3) Time allowed to search for a ball is 3 minutes instead of 5 minutes.

4) No penalty if ball or ballmarker is accidentally moved while on the putting green. Replace ball in original spot.                     

5) If a ball is accidentally deflected by you or your equipment, there is no penalty.  Play ball where it comes to rest.                                   

6)  There is no penalty if you accidentally  move your ball while searching for it.  Replace it in original spot.

7) When taking relief, the ball must be dropped from knee height instead of shoulder height.                                                                                                                             


1) Improving Lies: Player may improve the lie of the ball in the rough or fairway by one club length not closer to the hole. Your lie must remain in the same condition. You cannot improve your lie in a penalty area.

2) Pick-up Putts: Pick-up putts/gimmes are eleven inches from the hole. Please mark your putter eleven inches from the grip end for a reference. Note: This rule does not apply to our Low Putt or Club Tournaments.

3) Stroke Limit: During league play no more than double par are allowed per hole. Exceptions:  “Low Putts” events and/or club tournaments.   


The Handicap Tournament is a two-day, 9-hole event NOTE: You are required to register and play both days in this tournament.* The Handicap  tournament must have a minimum of 8 players per flight. The tournament will be cancelled if the number of registered players is less than the minimum of 8 players per flight. 

Only WGA 9-Hole League members that have played 4 times during the season, and have an established handicap are eligible to play in this tournament. 

Regular golf will be played. Each player will subtract her handicap from the gross score to get a net score. All putts must be holed, no pick-ups/gimmes.

Low net scores will be awarded by flight. The player with the lowest net score from all flights will be the handicap champion. Ties will be broken using a score card playoff.

The Match Play Tournament   (This tournament is currenctly not scheduled) It is played in three rounds over 5 consecutive weeks, you play until you lose. Handicaps are used for pairings. If a player's handicap exceeds her opponent's, compensating strokes will be indicated on the scorecard. The lower net score wins the hole. A hole is halved if the players have the same net score. The match ends when one player has won more holes than there are left to play. In the event of a tie after nine holes, play must continue until a winner has been declared (sudden death). The pro shop will arrange for you to return to the course and complete your sudden death playoff.

Flights will consist of 8 people paired High/Low of the 8 for each Match, for a minimum of 32 players.